I haven’t written any post yet that remotely relates to library stuff or chartership stuff, but I guess I ought to really.  Got to make a start some time, whether or not I can afford the chartership registration and submission fees yet or not.  I can’t believe I’ve not even touched this blog since the beginning of the year.  It was like a new toy and I got bored quickly, and I’m only here again because I’v just set up a blog for work and I guess I’m using my own site as some sort of a practice ground.

My problem is that I procrastinate too much, probably spending too much time watching dramas and films and now being able to watch TVB streamed live from Hong Kong on my laptop isn’t going to help me at all.

Anyway, to get me started I’m going  to follow the cpd23 things for professional development blog and hope it’ll give me some inspiration and get me to start doing some professional development and chartership stuff seriously over the coming year.

I have no idea what cpd23 is exactly but it looks like they’ve got some interesting stuff lined up in their plan between June and October.  I’ll have to make sure I catch up.

Let’s hope I’ll finally have something to show my mentor this year.  I’m surprised she’s still being so patient waiting for me to send her something!  Charlotte, if you’re reading this post I’ve not forgotten.