So, what can I tell you about me, not a lot really.  I’m an Assistant Librarian-Bibliographic Services (Peripatetic) at one of London’s art universities.  Amongst my colleagues I’m allowed to upgrade my status and call myself a Bibliographic Services Librarian, and just in case you still don’t know what I do I’m a Cataloguer, but I’m told not to use this title to introduce myself.  I’m not quite sure why since my line manager is the Senior Cataloguer.  My role is, yes, you’ve guessed it, largely cataloguing.

Before this role I was working as a member of the notorious ‘Padgate bunch’ at a Warrington Campus .  I remember a lot of happy times there but the need to grow professionally called and I packed my bags, grabbed my family in 2007 and left for pastures new in London.

Coming to the library profession was a decision made later in life and I recall doing my degree homework at the same time as my children doing their school homework.  Both of my sons thought it was fun at first, doing homework with their mother, but they got bored with it eventually and left me to do my assignments in the early hours of the morning.  I plodded along and got my BA Combined Studies and two years after that my PgDip Library and Information Management.  Life and work took over once again and it wasn’t until two years ago, in 2008, that I finally got my MA and now I plan to climb another mountain, smallish one this time, and get a Chartership from CILIP.

And this is where this blog comes in, I plan to chart my professional development here, and along the way I’ll rant about CJK dramas and films, to which I’m absolutely addicted to, perhaps the odd song or two, a couple of life stories and whatever else takes my fancy.