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I didn’t want to leave 2010 behind without a mention to one of the better Korean dramas of the year.  Compared to some of the dramas broadcasted towards the end of 2010 this series was a little gem.

Chosun police 3 poster

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Snowy London scenes

It’s so pretty after the blizzard.

Now all I need are some pretty night scenes of white snow and bright lights.


One of my all time favourite Anita Mui songs from the Hong Kong film A better tomorrow III.

Time has made me forget what the A better tomorrow trilogy was all about and though I remember this song I didn’t remember it being from a particular film until recently. Though it’s sad to think I’ve lost a part of my memories, but it can’t be compared to the sadness of realising that this was the last song Anita sung at her last concert (Anita Classic Moment Live, 2003) before she passed away in December 2003.

I don’t think I would ever forget Anita Mui, the defiant singer, the first Chinese female singer to explore outside the boundaries of ‘acceptable’ Cantopop, ignoring the authorities, being compared to Madonna (although I would heavily debate this comparison) and whose many songs I have fond memories of screeching together with my younger sisters as we grew up.

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I couldn’t possibly add my favourite song from Unubore Deka without adding the hero’s dance from the drama.

More Nagase dance videos

I only started to watch Unubore Deka (Conceited Detective) because I was in the mood for one of Nagase Tomoya’s zany comedies but I ended up watching the whole series because I wanted to listen to Nakashima Mika’s song in each episode. I’m such a sucker for haunting ballads.

Tudou videos tends to be painfully slow to stream, unless you have their accelerator TudouVa installed you might want to pause the video after it starts playing then wait for it to fully load before watching.  The full screen button do not work here, to view in full screen click on video to go to Tudou website and the full screen button will work there.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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