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I’m such a slow coach, it’s only taken me another eight days that’s all, to actually sign up to cpd23 after talking about doing it!  Let’s hope I can keep going all the way to Thing 23, but I guess I need to start off with Thing 1 first.  I wonder how many days will that take me.

I haven’t written any post yet that remotely relates to library stuff or chartership stuff, but I guess I ought to really.  Got to make a start some time, whether or not I can afford the chartership registration and submission fees yet or not.  I can’t believe I’ve not even touched this blog since the beginning of the year.  It was like a new toy and I got bored quickly, and I’m only here again because I’v just set up a blog for work and I guess I’m using my own site as some sort of a practice ground.
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