On my previous post I said I tried to follow some instructions from WordPress on how to insert the AddToAny button to my posts.  Well, silly me, I know why I didn’t understand them now.  They were instructions from WordPress.org and there is a difference between this site and WordPress.com.  I won’t go into all the nitty-gritty on the differences because Wp Support has said it all.  My interpretation is WordPress.org provides the software and the more technically skilled people can download WordPress and install it onto their own computers and either host their own blogs or get someone else to host the blogs.  For the less skilled or less time to spend people like me you just open an account on WordPress.com and access everything from a web browser, even with plugins.  The plugins from WordPress.org can be downloaded and uploaded to a root directory but the plugins for WordPress.com blogs are treated in a different way and definitely not uploaded to any directory that I can see because they don’t have one.  Well, not a directory a user can access from a browser.

Now that’s cleared up I know it wasn’t from lack of sleep or even intelligence that I was finding it so hard to understand the instructions. Whew!